Have you been thinking about buying a Verlo mattress? Having an adjustable bed could potentially work wonders for a person’s sleep. That is especially true if you deal with troublesome aches and pains. But do these mattresses help you sleep as well as they claim?

Odds are, you probably have a few questions. How much does a Verlo mattress cost? Does it really work? Can you customize it any way you like? And how does it compare to the competition? These are a few things you need to consider before buying a Verlo mattress.

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Verlo is a mattress brand that’s well-known for making mattresses that can be adjusted to meet their customers’ needs. These are similar to the adjustable beds you see in hospitals. All of their mattresses are made in their own factories and sold in their own showrooms. On top of this, you can receive comfort adjustments multiple times if your needs change as you get older. That saves you from having to buy another mattress later on.

There are four different models of the Verlo mattress. Each of these is available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes. Also, Verlo uses high-quality materials to make their mattresses. These materials are known to last for a long time. They’re also extremely breathable and friendly to the environment.


You probably have some questions if you’ve never used an adjustable mattress before. Here are a few things you need to know.

How does it work?

You can adjust a Verlo mattress in many different ways depending on your needs. Do you have a bad back? Do you feel aches and pains in your knees? Would you like a mattress that offers a massage? Or do you simply enjoy watching TV from bed? A Verlo mattress offers all of these possibilities.

Furthermore, you can adjust the different sides of the mattress if you and your partner have different needs. One side can be soft while the other is firm. Or you can get temperature control. There’s even an anti-snore button if your partner is a heavy snorer. If you’re not sure what your needs are, you can take their Sleepography Quiz on their official website.

In addition to this, your first comfort readjustment is completely free. This is very helpful, especially since you’ll probably need a readjustment as you get older. Also, these mattresses fit in most existing bed frames. Or you can simply use the Verlo mattress base by itself if you’d like. You won’t have to buy anything new to use these mattresses.

What models are available?

Again, the Verlo mattress is available in four different models. These are Standard, Deluxe, Premium, and Ultra. All of these models come in different sizes and have an 850-pound weight limit. The Standard Verlo mattress features a whisper quiet lift system, wireless remote, and breathable upholstery. It also stands on four eight-inch powder steel legs.

The Deluxe model has all of these features along with Zero Gravity and Anti-Snore modes. Zero Gravity mode is especially great for relaxing a bad back or aching legs. It also has dual frequency massage motors. These can massage your whole body, or you can focus on your head or feet only. Additionally, you can program two pre-set memory positions. It also has a Wall Snuggler design that keeps the bed close to the wall as you move up and down.

The Premium model adds the Raise-You-Awake alarm function. It also features Bluetooth connectivity and an Under-the-Bed nightlife. You also get semi-sectional side rails that prevent the bed from wrinkling as it elevates. You can remove these as needed.

The Ultra model combines all of these features with a motor that elevates the bed 30 percent faster than the others. You also get a quiet, high-definition massage with 4 waves and 10 different intensity levels. You can also program up to four different pre-set memory positions.

Is it eco-friendly?

Verlo takes a great deal of pride in being an eco-friendly brand. All of their products are made using natural materials. These include natural wool and cashmere fibers. They also use latex gathered from Hevea Brasilienis rubber trees. Along with being good for the environment, these materials also help you sleep. They’re especially breathable and help increase airflow at night. That guarantees you stay cool while you’re sleeping.

It might not be the first thing you think about when you’re shopping, but it’s good to see a brand take responsibility in this way. It makes them more trustworthy as a company in general. Unfortunately, not every adjustable bed brand bothers to takes these steps.


Most of the basic features and specifications of these mattresses are from Amazon and their official websites. For these reviews, we focused on aspects such as quality, features, and dependability. We also considered Wifi connectivity.


Of course, this isn’t the only adjustable mattress on the market. How does a Verlo mattress compare to its competition?

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed

Amerisleep offers an adjustable bed base that’s capable of competing with Verlo. For one, it comes with the first capacitive touch remote control and a tabletop holder. You also get a full body massage, under-the-bed lighting, and two four-port USB hubs on each side of the bed. It also has a Wallhugger design that keeps you close to the wall as you tilt up and a Microhook retention system that prevents the mattress from slipping. This mattress has a 700-pound weight limit.

The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed has received rave reviews from its customers. Customers with back problems and other aches and pains found it helped them get to sleep at night. They also loved the massage motors and the Wallhugger design. Most complaints have been relatively minor. Some had trouble with the delivery method or had difficulty setting it up.

Tempur-Ergo Premier

TEMPUR-Ergo Premier-Grey Adjustable Base, Queen
  • Raise your head up to 70° and feet up to 37° for perfect support while sleeping or relaxing
  • Equipped with 4 Individual Massage Programs: Standard, Wave, Synchronized Wave and Pulse
  • Store up to 4-Preset Memory Positions for near-instant comfort adjustment

The Tempur-Ergo Premier is an excellent adjustable mattress from Tempurpedic. It features four different massage programs. These are standard, wave, synchronized wave, and pulse. You can raise both the head and the feet, and it has a Wallhugger design. You can also set four different preset positions. It can be controlled with a wireless LCD remote or with your smartphone.

Many customers love this mattress. It’s proven to be very helpful for people who have trouble sleeping on a flat mattress. It’s also very sturdy and reliable. Most of the complaints were about its weight. The mattress’s base weighs 156 pounds. That makes it incredibly difficult to move from one spot to the next. There are also a few customers who had trouble with the remote and the Wifi.

Costco Leggett and Platt Brookwood

The Costco Leggett and Platt Brookwood is another adjustable bed that has a lot going for it. You can use its wireless remote to program two preset positions. Furthermore, it has a Zero Gravity position that’s already preset. It also has dual, three-speed massage, Wallhugger design, and an emergency power down feature. This bed has a maximum weight capacity of 700 pounds.

Most customers were very happy with the Costco Legget and Platt Brookwood adjustable bed. Like most adjustable beds, customers with health problems found it be exactly what they needed. In particular, they love its features and how comfortable it is. Unfortunately, some had issues with programming the preset positions. You have to hold the Fav and Stop buttons to do this. Strangely enough, the instructions don’t mention this anywhere. Many customers also had problems with the mattress slipping off its rails when it’s tilting.


There are many great benefits to having a Verlo mattress. They’re incredibly comfortable and can easily be adjusted to suit your specific needs. They also last a long time and are priced very reasonably when you compare them to other adjustable mattresses. Unfortunately, the mattresses have to be flipped every few months, and they sink in and create cavities sometimes. Some customers also had trouble with the warranties.


  • They’re incredibly comfortable
  • They are adjustable in a multitude of different ways
  • They last a long time


  • You have to flip them
  • They sink in occasionally
  • Some have problems with the warranty


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At the end of the day, the Verlo mattress is a very good product.

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