The usage of pillows for sleep is a relatively modern development, as humans have historically not had access to the technologies or materials needed for pillow making.

When pillows were first introduced almost 7000 years ago, only the wealthy had the luxury of their tender, soft touch.

Yet, as the benefits of pillows were discovered, businesses were created in order to produce accessible, inexpensive alternatives to these original, luxurious sleep aids.


Get Deeper, More Restorative Sleep With this List of the Best Pillows on the Market

In this article, we discuss the 4 best pillows for sleep health, emphasizing their many benefits and unique characteristics.

These are not your ordinary bed pillows – they will change your sleep – and maybe even your life!


Memory Foam Pillow

Memory Foam Pillow

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This kind of pillow is composed of polyurethane and various other chemicals that make it extremely malleable to the human body. Memory foam pillows were first designed in the mid 1960’s in response to NASA’s need for a safer cushion seat for aircraft.

What makes these pillows so unique is that they adapt to the body temperature and weight of the sleeper. This makes them effective for all body types and also maximizes the comfort they provide.

The polyurethane foam that comprises these pillows also prevents dust mites from burrowing into the pillow, which can cause allergic reactions in many people. These allergies make it hard to breath at night, making sleep more inefficient and less enjoyable.

One of the most popular memory foam pillows on the market is the shredded memory foam pillow from Coop Home Goods. Many customers that use this pillow report feeling like they are sleeping at a 5-star resort every night. An added bonus is that the materials for its cover are derived from bamboo, which keep the pillow resistant to moisture. This is especially crucial for the summertime.


Gel Fiber Interior Pillow

Gel Fiber Interior

Image via Amazon

These kinds of pillows are made from thousands of tiny shock-absorbent beads which make the pillow durable over long periods of time.

Even though the pillow is durable, it still conforms easily to your body.

The internal gel beads move around in order to adjust to your sleeping position, allowing you to customize the shape of your pillow. The pillow industry is all about control, and gel fiber facilitates this.


Sustainable Pillows

Sustainable Pillows

Image via TreeHugger

These kinds of pillows are certainly comfortable, though that is not their main draw. Instead, they are often utilized due to the underlying morality of the user.

Sustainable pillows are made usually from plant-based materials and consequently involve no animal cruelty in their production. Thus, they are often purchased by people who follow vegan lifestyles.

In addition, many sustainable pillows emphasize plant-based materials that are sourced with the company’s carbon footprint in mind.

One company that focuses on sustainable pillow production is Keetsa.  Keetsa uses green tea leaves, recycled fiber, and plant-based memory foam to ensure maximum comfort while also minimizing harmful emissions to the environment.


Natural Silk

Natural Silk

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Some of the most comfortable bed pillows you can buy are made from natural silk, which is very breathable and good at regulating temperature.

Silk is also beneficial for skin health and hair health and is even reported to reduce facial wrinkles.

Additionally, silk is often associated with luxury, so many affluent people will use it as a display of their wealth. In the same vein, some people of modest means use silk pillows in order to avoid their economic insecurities, perhaps convincing themselves that they are living larger than they actually are.

Yet, maintaining this illusion can actually alleviate stress and anxiety, allowing the user to sleep better at night.


A Final Note on Modern Pillows

This brings up an important point, namely that the best pillows are those that align with our ideologies.

Comfort is truly a subjective standard that is dependent on our ideas. Many vegans, for example, use pillows made from the most expensive wool and claim that the pillow is extremely uncomfortable.

Similarly, many people of modest means condition themselves to only enjoy cheaper pillows.

Dispersing as much information as possible about the manufacturing of the pillow seems to be more important in our modern society than establishing an objective criterion for the best pillow quality.

Customers are more aware than ever before and demand transparency regarding the production of the product. Many customers will only buy products from companies that are completely honest about their production methods, ignoring horrible customer reviews or high prices. Honesty is more important than ever.

Thus, we think that many factors should be considered when purchasing a pillow, especially since each user has a unique body shape and preferences. Luckily, the industry for pillows is huge and provides us with many options to choose from, which allows us to make our sleep regimen as healthy as possible.

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