We spend almost one-third of our lives in our beds, and getting a good night’s sleep is vitally important for our health and happiness. A comfortable mattress that offers correct support is crucial for a good night rest. Shopping for a mattress, however, can be a nightmare. No big-ticket purchase can be as baffling and overwhelming as buying a mattress due to tons of options and their visual uniformity. On the surface, all the beds look the same. Many brands are overpriced. Luckily, the advent of the internet has added much-needed competition to the mattress industry. One such brand is Saatva. Saatva Mattress is an online-only luxury mattress brand that specializes in customizability and home delivery.

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Saatva Mattress

Established in 2010, Saatva has grown into one of the biggest online-only mattress companies in the United States. It advertises its mattresses as the “best-priced luxury” beds built with coil-on-coil construction. The company is one of the few online retailers that have no brick-and-mortar stores. Instead, Saatva has home delivery with white-glove service for every sale rather than relying on stores. Each mattress is custom-built, with customers deciding every detail for their perfect mattress.

Levels of firmness

Plush Soft

Luxury Firm


plush soft luxury firm firm
  • Ideal for side sleepers
  • Plush comfort for lighter weight people
  • For those who prefer a softer, cushioning feel
  • The perfect balance of plush comfort and uplifting support
  • Preferred by 82% of customers
  • Great for side, back, and stomach sleepers, and for couples
  • The right choice for those who want a firm mattress
  • Good for back and stomach sleepers
  • If your doctor has recommended an extra-firm mattress

The “plush soft” Saatva mattress aims at those who prefer a soft bed. Atop the mattress, there is a plush pillow stuffed with super soft foam. Under that, there is a layer of memory foam. The softer, conforming foams cover a layer of individually wrapped coils. The “luxury firm” mattress is a medium-firm mattress that features premium foam cushion layers. Finally, the “firm” Saatva mattress is extra firm and is suitable for those who prefer to sleep on their back or stomach.

Saatva mattress layers

Each Saatva mattress has a total of five layers, and each layer has its unique qualities and characteristics. Customers can select different options for every detail and layer.



Foundation layer

Large-gauge steel Bonnell coils form the support base. The hourglass-shaped steel supports provide the mattress with extra durability. It also helps give proper support to your back, shoulders, and hips.

Comfort layer

The comfort layer, or comfort coil unit, is on top of the support base. This layer consists of individually wrapped comfort coils, ensuring that the Saatva mattress conforms to your body and makes you feel comfortable. There are 1,088 individually wrapped coils in a king-size mattress.

Lumbar support layer

A thin layer of memory foam sits atop the comfort layer, providing excellent lumbar support.

Euro pillow top layer

It is the top layer of the mattress that features a Euro-style pillow, which makes the cover more soft and comfortable.

Edge Layer

All the layers are encased in an edge support system.

Mattress Height, Foundations, and Dimensions

There are a few different options when it comes to mattress height, foundation height, and mattress size.


When it comes to the height of the mattress, Saatva offers two models.

Standard Premiere Luxury

Custom Slim

14.5 inches

11.5 inches

With Custom Slim, the lower steel base coil unit has two fewer turns. However, both of the models have an identical coil count. The difference between them is only within the height of the lower coil unit.


There are two foundations available: A foundation of 4.5 inches, and a taller foundation of 8.75 inches. The foundations are made of North American Spruce and contain eco-friendly foam. They are, too, covered with an organic cotton top. Both mattresses and foundations are flame retardant.


Saatva mattresses are available in all standard sizes.



Twin size mattress

38 inches x 75 inches

Twin XL mattress

38 inches x 80 inches

Full mattress

54 inches x 75 inches

Queen size mattress

60 inches x 80 inches

King size mattress

76 inches x 80 inches

California King size mattress

72 inches x 84 inches

Features of Saatva Mattress

Saatva is a unique brand, and not just concerning their business model. The construction and features of their mattresses are relatively unique as well.

A Saatva mattress consists of two separate coil units. The top coil unit features an individually wrapped coil system that is designed to support every body shape. And, as each individually wrapped coil is separate, the movement of the surrounding coils does not disturb the rest of the bed. This minimizes motion transfer. Couples who have different statures and sleeping positions will find that their partners’ movements do not disturb their sleep. And the lower coil unit offers a connected hourglass shaped steel support base that provides excellent support and firmness.

Dual perimeter edge support system

Dual perimeter edge support system

Saatva uses a “Dual Perimeter Edge Support System.” The upper unit of individually wrapped comfort coils, located in the comfort layer of the mattress, are foam encased, helping to provide edge support. Because of that, the bed won’t sag when you sit or lie near the edge. You also get more sleep surface and improved durability.

Lumbar support enhancement

Lumbar support enhancement

Saatva mattress has a layer of memory foam that provides lumbar support enhancement. Because of this feature, you get extra pressure relief in the lower part of the back.

Steel-coil base-support system

Steel-coil base-support system

The medium-firm mattresses of Saatva consist of a steel coil lower support base. This prevents sagging and increases the durability of the bed.

Organic cotton cover and Euro pillow top

Organic cotton cover and Euro pillow top

Saatva treats its organic cotton cover with Guardian botanical antimicrobial fabric treatment, which helps prevent the growth of bacteria on the mattress. The cotton cover is soft and breathable, and it provides you with a cooling experience when you are sleeping. Under the organic cotton cover, there is a built-in Euro pillow that runs to the edge of the mattress. It gives you a soft cushy feel and conforms to your head and neck.

Saatva Mattress Pricing

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Saatva mattresses are priced depending on size. The size and custom options you choose will profoundly impact the final price tag, as well as whether or not you buy a foundation. Although Saatva is a luxury brand and priced a bit higher than some online competitors, its prices are still much better than what you’ll often find in a brick-and-mortar mattress store.

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How we reviewed

To give you the best information and recommendations, we’ve scoured the internet to find customer reviews, manufacturer specifications, and pricing information for a variety of brands. Using this knowledge base, we’ve highlighted the key features and concerns for Saatva mattress, as well as several comparison brands.

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Saatva provides its customers with more options than its competitors. It also gives them custom choices by offering multiple levels of firmness. However, like other mattresses, it, too, has its pros and cons. It cannot target those who prefer to sleep on a memory foam bed, as none of its mattresses has been built using only foam layers. And the mattress that gets delivered is very heavy due to coil on coil construction, making it difficult to move or transport after its setup.


  • Three firmness levels
  • Eco-friendly components
  • Euro pillow top
  • Offers good motion isolation
  • Good support and bounce
  • Good edge support
  • Excellent customer service
  • Provides 120-day free trial
  • Free white glove delivery


  • Not 100% organic
  • Difficult to test longevity claims as it’s a relatively new company
  • Not suitable for those who prefer memory foam
  • Difficult to move it around after setup as the mattress is very heavy
  • Offers no discounts
  • Costs $99 to return it

Comparison with Other Brands

Most online-only mattress companies are bed-in-a-box brands, and unlike Saatva, they construct their beds with memory foams. The three most popular competitors of the company are Casper, Leesa, and Tuft & Needle. Let’s look at what they offer and their features.


Casper Sleep Foam Mattress, Queen, 2018 Edition
  • 4-layers of premium foam construction for support, breathability, and bounce
  • Breathable open-cell foams have tiny pores to let hot air escape, keeping you cool at night
  • Combination of softer foam for shoulder region and supportive firm foam for core and hip area

Casper is an online-only foam mattress company founded in 2014. They offer several models and are much cheaper than mattresses in brick-and-mortar stores. You can find their products on the Casper website as well as Amazon. Their best mattress, the Casper Wave is priced depending on mattress size. Unlike Saatva, Casper does not offer significant custom options. Their mattresses also tend to be a little on the soft side according to customers.

Due to extremely savvy marketing, Casper has already won several awards and appeared in magazines. TIME Magazine named Casper mattresses as “one of the 25 best inventions of 2015.” However, there’s evidence in customer reviews on Amazon that their mattresses might not hold up to the hype. Also, Casper does not show negative reviews on their website — only 5-star reviews. Given that the average rating elsewhere is not five stars, it seems unlikely that their “reviews” section is entirely honest.


  • Low cost
  • Convenient delivery in a vacuum-sealed box
  • 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon


  • Sleeps hot
  • Inconsistent construction quality 


Leesa Original Foam 10" Mattress, King Size, Cooling Foam and Memory...
  • General Note: Please allow 24 - 72 hours for your Mattress to regain its full shape. Any memory foam will expand faster...
  • SUPPORT FOR ALL SLEEPERS: Meticulously designed with all sleep positions in mind (back, stomach, or side).TARGETED...
  • SOFT, STYLISH COVER: Featuring Leesa’s signature four-stripe design, this breathable, beautiful gray twill mattress...

Leesa, like Saatva and Casper, is online-only and has only been around for a couple of years. However, Leesa only offers one foam mattress model (and one innerspring model, the Sapira mattress). The Leesa foam mattress varies in price depending on the size, while the Sapira mattress costs a bit higher. Aside from picking out a size, there are no customizable options with the Leesa mattress.

Although they do include negative reviews on their site (and have an overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 there), it’s hard to say how worthwhile they are — after all, this mattress company is so young that not many of its customers will have used the mattress for its entire lifetime. Like Casper, Leesa has heavily marketed their mattress online and in magazines.


  • The Leesa mattress is relatively cheap
  • Convenient delivery and easy setup
  • 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon


  • Many customers say that the mattress sleeps hot

Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle - Legacy Original Queen Mattress, Medium-Firm Feel,...
  • Pressure Relief - Our T&N Adaptive foam is engineered based on customer feedback and provides pressure relief where you...
  • Support - The T&N Original Mattress is ideal for back and stomach sleepers; We complemented the T&N Adaptive foam with a...
  • Cool Sleeping - Our open-cell cooling technology foam works with the heat-conducting graphite and cooling gel-infused in...

Tuft & Needle has a similar business model to the other brands in this review. They’ve existed since 2012, and are one of the highest-reviewed mattress brands on the internet. Indeed, they market themselves as “the internet’s most-loved mattress.” As an Amazon Choice product and with thousands of reviews, they might not be wrong. They only offer one product, but with exceptional value: Tuft & Needle only charges $350 to $750 for their mattress depending on the size you order.

Their brand is also in the process of being acquired by Serta Simmons Bedding, which will create the largest sleep company in the world. They also make use of an in-house foam, rather than memory foam or other industry-wide products typically used.


  • Extremely affordable for just about anyone
  • A six-year company history with thousands of positive reviews
  • 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon


  • Some customers report back pain after sleeping on this mattress
  • The mattress has a relatively short lifetime

Our Saatva Mattress Verdict

Saatva offers the benefits that you expect from a luxury mattress brand at an affordable price. However, it is not for everyone — even if you have the budget. Saatva mattresses are not for those who are looking for extra soft, extra firm, or memory-foam-only beds. It’s a solid, middle-of-the-road option.

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