Are you thinking about buying a Purple mattress? If you’re in the market for a new mattress and are looking for something convenient with good value, it might be a good choice. Is it really the best option?

Buying a new mattress is an investment in your health and comfort. You buy the right gear for other parts of your life — a nice desk chair for work, the perfect shoes for hiking. But when it comes to sleeping, many of us are woefully unprepared. Although 92 percent of people say a good mattress matters to their quality of sleep, how often do we consider whether or not we’re sleeping on the right mattress?

If your current mattress is leaving you unfulfilled, you might want to consider a Purple mattress. Is it all hype, or do they really stand out above the competition? Let’s take a comprehensive look at whether or not a Purple mattress is right for you.

The Pressure-Relieving Purple Mattress

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The Purple mattress and the updated New Purple version both claim to offer something that’s not yet on the mattress market. The main thing that sets the Purple mattresses apart is the “Smart Comfort Grid” layer. This grid of gel walls is designed to keep sleepers cool and relieve pressure.

The air-filled gel grid is meant to collapse under you, so the shoulders and hips don’t create painful points of pressure. Purple claims that this provides a zero-gravity floating sensation, and aligns the spine in any sleep position you choose.

The Purple mattress got its start on Kickstarter, where backers threw their financial support behind the concept. Does the mattress live up to the hype? Let’s look at what it offers.

Build quality

Smart Comfort Grid
polyurethane foam

A Purple mattress is said to use safe, non-toxic materials, which might help make it safer than other mattresses.

The top layer of the mattress is the Smart Comfort Grid, made of hyper-elastic polymer to make pressure points disappear. The grid gives beneath your weight to keep pressure equal across the mattress but is strong enough to keep you supported.

Next comes a layer of polyurethane foam with a fairly soft consistency. Finally, there’s the supportive base layer, with firmer polyurethane foam. This helps the mattress maintain its shape.

A breathable cover layer of Lyrca, viscose, and polyester forms a thin barrier between your body and the grid layer. The Lyrca helps to wick moisture off the body, and the material doesn’t restrict airflow.

Sleeping on a Purple mattress


This is a medium-firm mattress, but the experience depends on the individual’s weight. A very light person might not give enough pressure to make the grid collapse effectively so that the mattress will feel firmer. For a heavier person, it’s likely to feel softer.

Reviewers note how the Purple mattress cradles the contours of the body when they lie down. However, they’ve also noticed that the Purple mattress experience changes depending on how you sleep. For a side sleeper, you’re likely to sink in more, since the pressure points of the hips and shoulders will collapse the grid more than your stomach or back would.

This mattress has the greatest results for side sleepers, while people who mainly sleep in other positions likely won’t notice as much of a difference. The grid and foam layers also help reduce motion transfer, so you’re less likely to wake up a sleeping partner when you move around.

Some reviewers have also noticed that the Purple mattress doesn’t seem as durable as more traditional styles. The grid may not hold up well to use over the years. However, Purple makes it easy to try out their mattress if you’re not convinced: There’s a 100-night trial offer, as well as a 10-year warranty after you buy.


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The original Purple mattress ranges in price from $699 for a twin to $1,300 for a king or Califonia king. Many people buy used mattresses, but thanks to the Purple’s unique design, trial period, and warranty, this is something that’s worth buying new. The New Purple design ranges from $1,899 to $2,699 on Amazon.

How the Purple Mattress Compares to Competition

Comparing a Purple mattress to the competition is somewhat difficult since there’s nothing else quite like it on the market. Amazon reviewers seem to either love or hate the Purple. Those who love traditional mattresses are often less impressed by the Purple, which might feel strange and different. However, people who have yet to find comfort on a traditional mattress tend to be glad that the Purple mattress offers an alternative.

How we reviewed

Choosing a mattress is a highly personal experience, and there’s no one-size-fits-all model. Here, we’ve pulled together information about Purple and its top competitors, and taken a look at what reviewers who’ve tried these mattresses have to say. The details are all here, but it’s up to you to decide which mattress will meet your needs best.


Casper Sleep Foam Mattress, Queen, 2018 Edition
  • 4-layers of premium foam construction for support, breathability, and bounce
  • Breathable open-cell foams have tiny pores to let hot air escape, keeping you cool at night
  • Combination of softer foam for shoulder region and supportive firm foam for core and hip area

Casper is one of the better-known high-end, innovative mattress companies. In addition to the original Casper, they also offer the more basic Essential and the luxury Wave.

The high-end foam is the main thing that’s supposed to set Casper mattresses apart from the crowd. There’s no creative gel-grid layer like the Purple mattress, but Casper still aims to relieve pressure. The foam under the shoulders is softer, to promote sinking into the mattress. Under the hips and core is a firmer foam to help align the spine properly. Casper also attempts to keep sleepers cool, using porous open-cell foam that doesn’t trap heat inside. However, reviewers have noted that the mattress still sleeps hot.

Build quality

Casper build

Casper mattresses use a layered system to provide the most comfort possible.

Since these mattresses are entirely foam, a flat platform or a bed frame with close slats is ideal. The company also sells bases designed just for its mattresses.

The 10-inch thick mattress starts with a top layer of open-cell foam, so it’s breathable and soft on top. Next is a layer of dense memory foam, where the advertised pressure relief comes from. This layer also helps reduce motion transfer.

Next comes Casper’s Zone Support layer, a firmer layer that’s just under the hip area. This part is meant to help even out the excess weight that’s usually on this part of the bed, keeping the spine aligned.

Finally, there’s a durable, dense foam layer to hold up the mattress and make it last. The entire thing has a polyester cover which you can remove and spot clean as needed.

Customer experience

Casper customer

The Casper is medium-firm, or about as firm as the Purple mattress. This makes the mattress versatile for many different sleepers. Some people have noticed that they don’t sink into this mattress as much as in other memory foam mattress types. Whether or not that’s a good thing depends on your preference.

The top and base layers also give this mattress more bounce than other memory foam varieties. This bed is great for people who like to be able to change positions easily throughout the night since the bounciness and lack of sinking make it easy to stay mobile.

Like the Purple mattress, Casper offers a 100-day trial period, so it’s easy to give this mattress a try before you commit.


The original Casper mattress retails for $595 for a twin up to $1,195 for a California king. You can also buy the combination of mattress and foundation, or mattress and sheet set, to simplify getting your new mattress set up.


GhostBed Classic 11 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam & Latex Mattress -...
  • 4 LAYERS OF COMFORT - Crafted from high-quality cooling gel memory foam, high-density support foam and aerated latex,...
  • WAKE UP FEELING REFRESHED - High-density foam core supports spinal alignment, alleviates hip and back pain, and relieves...
  • PERFECT FOR ALL SLEEPERS - With its balanced, medium-firm feel, the GhostBed Classic is a great option for sleepers of...

Like the Purple mattress, GhostBed offers two types: the original and the Luxe. Both are memory foam, and the original uses three layers to maximize comfort.

GhostBed’s combination of memory foam and latex aims to offer pressure relief without sacrificing bounce. Latex also offers cooling properties, since cooling is one of the biggest challenges for a memory foam mattress.

Build quality

GhostBed build

Like Casper and other memory foam types, GhostBeds work best on a flat surface, such as the foundations sold by the company itself.

The three-layer original mattress is 11 inches thick. On top is an aerated latex layer that’s fairly bouncy, making this another good choice for people who often reposition themselves in the night. The aeration promotes airflow, which helps keep sleepers cool, especially combined with latex’s natural heat resistance.

Next is a layer of memory foam gel, to provide pressure relief. Unlike the Purple mattress and Casper beds, there’s no fancy, innovative pressure relief solution in the GhostBed. However, the gel in the memory foam helps reduce pressure and also helps keep it from getting too hot.

The thickest bottom layer is made of dense foam to keep the mattress durable and structured. GhostBed’s memory foam construction aims to relieve pressure and align the spine. But does it work as well as its competitors?

Customer experience

GhostBed customer

Customers also rate Ghostbed medium-firm, which is a versatile level for partners who can’t agree on firmness, or for people who aren’t sure what they like best. Medium-firm mattresses tend to offer a good balance of support and comfort, which is why so many mattress companies make it their default.

Many people notice that the latex responds quickly to the shape of their body, unlike other materials, which tend to take a while before you can sink in. It does take a bit of time for the lower layer of gel memory foam to respond and start conforming to your body, though. As with the Casper and Purple mattress, the Ghostbed isn’t too squishy, so you’ll sleep closer to the top.

Some reviews  noticed that the bed feels much different at first than it does after a few months of use. As with all of these specialty mattresses, the reviews tend to be either very good or very bad — but overall, they tend toward the good. Ghostbed also offers the same 100-night sleep trial as its competitors, as well as an impressive 20-year warranty.


GhostBed is one of the more affordable memory foam options, at around $495 for a twin and less than $1,000 for a California king. The company offers foundations and many other accessories as well, so it’s a one-stop shop for most of your mattress needs.

Pros and Cons

Is the Purple mattress right for you? If you still haven’t made up your mind, these pros and cons will help you decide.

The Positive Side

As many reviews have stated, Purple mattresses do offer excellent support. You also won’t sink in too far, getting that “stuck” feeling that typical memory foam mattresses tend to have. Although the Purple mattress costs more than some of its competitors, it’s also fairly affordable as high-tech mattresses go.

This investment is well worth it for many people since these mattresses are supposed to last for up to 10 years (and come with a warranty).

The temperature regulation of these beds is effective, beating out the competition. A Purple mattress is also more bouncy than most memory foam mattresses. This is a pro for many people, although it may be a con for others. However, the minimal motion transfer is almost certainly a pro, since you won’t wake up other sleeping people or pets when you move around.

The Negative Side

This company is new, so the mattress’s longevity claims haven’t been tested out yet. If it turns out that some materials don’t last as long as they’re meant to and wear down after just a few years, many customers won’t be happy.

Some reviewers have also noticed that the edge support on a Purple mattress isn’t great. (Edge support is what keeps you from rolling off the edge of the mattress.) If you often sit on your bed’s side, or if you’re prone to rolling off the bed, a Purple mattress may not be right for you.

These mattresses are also fairly short, so they’re not the best choice for tall people. They’re very heavy, which can make installation or moving it difficult — although the brand does offer home delivery.

Some people will notice that they can feel the grid pattern of the top layer while they sleep. Although most reviewers haven’t had a problem with this, it may feel strange to some people. The mattress also arrives with a small amount of powder on it, which keeps it from sticking to itself when rolled up.


  • Excellent support
  • Won’t sink in too far
  • Last for up to 10 years
  • Temperature regulation
  • More bouncy
  • Minimal motion transfer


  • Mattress’s longevity claims haven’t tested out yet
  • Edge support isn’t great
  • Fairly short
  • Very heavy





Purple mattress

No products found.

Build QualitySmart Comfort Grid layerPolyurethane foam baseLyrca, Viscose, and Polyester coverCustomer ExperienceMedium-firm mattressFor side sleepersReduce motion transfer100-day trial period

4.0 out of 5.0

No products found.


Casper Mattress

Build QualityOpen-cell foam baseDense memory foam layerZone Support layerDense foam layerPolyester coverCustomer ExperienceMedium-firmVersatileMore bounce100-day trial period

4.0 out of 5.0

Buy on Amazon


Ghost Bed

Build QualityAerated latex layerMemory foam gelThick dense foamCustomer ExperienceMedium-firmLatex responds quickly100-night sleep trial20 years warranty

4.1 out of 5.0

Buy on Amazon

Our Verdict

No one can choose the best mattress for you — that’s something to decide for yourself. But is a Purple mattress the best innovative memory foam mattress on the market today?

So far, the answer seems to be yes. Purple beats the competition in some significant ways, such as by staying cooler than other memory foam mattresses. It also comes at a good price point.

However, there’s one major drawback. Purple mattresses are so new that no one can say for sure how well they’ll last. If you don’t mind risking the possibility of replacing your bed in a few years, Purple is a good choice. But if your budget won’t allow for a replacement, you’re best off with one of the more reliable competitors. Although Casper and GhostBed are also fairly new brands, the technology they rely on has been around longer, giving it more time to be tested.

Would you take the plunge for a Purple mattress, or do its better-known competitors sound more appealing to you? Let us know in the comments!

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