If you suffer from back or chronic pain, a firm mattress might be causing undue pressure and discomfort. A My Pillow mattress topper might remedy this discomfort and help stabilize an uncomfortable mattress. Some people are sleeping on beds that are too soft. Mattress toppers are also available to help counterbalance this issue as well.

There are many reasons consumers might choose to invest in a mattress topper. Pain and discomfort, sagging in an older mattress or additional padding are a few of these reasons. For some, it’s a great way to help minimize motion transfer. It also helps reduce heat transfer from certain mattresses as well.

Regardless of what’s ruining a great night’s sleep, a mattress topper is a viable solution for many consumers. So, begin the search for the perfect firmness and materials so that you can wake up refreshed in the morning.

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About My Pillow Mattress Topper

My Pillow mattress toppers are available through My Pillow Inc. The company has been in operation since 2004 and became famous running TV ads featuring Mike Lindell, the company’s founder. Today, the company produces the My Pillow mattress toppers to go along with their pillows, sheets, and pet products. The My Pillow mattress topper also includes a 60-day money back guarantee and a 10-year warranty.

Three-layer design

The My Pillow mattress topper features a three-layer design to create a comfortable resting place for owners. Layer one features the patented foam material in a solid piece to cover the mattress’s exterior. The second layer has a transitional foam. It helps distribute body weight evenly and provides relief to pressure points. The third layer is the ThermaPhase change material. It helps regulate body temperatures throughout the evening to comfortable levels.

My Pillow mattress topper features

Several great features set the My Pillow mattress toppers apart from competitors. Some of the features this product includes are:

  • Innovative designs to create a comfortable, high-density topper to improve sleep patterns
  • Mattress toppers available in twin to California king sizes
  • No coils, springs, remote controls, or moving parts
  • CertiPur US foam toppers made of 100 percent polyurethane foam
  • Allergy-free components and removable covers
  • ThermaPhase Gel to help reduce body temperatures

My Pillow mattress toppers are comfortable, durable, and conform to the body naturally. It is a great mattress topper for stomach, side, and back sleepers.

Construction and care

All My Pillow mattress toppers feature a polyurethane foam that you can spot clean if it gets dirty. The polyester cover is machine washable. When spot cleaning, owners can use a small white cloth with liquid detergent to target stains. To clean the polyester covers, you can machine wash them every two to four months. You can use any liquid soap. However, you should avoid using fabric softeners when drying the sheet.

My Pillow mattress topper sizes

There are several sizes of My Pillow mattress topper available. Sizes range from twin to California king. There is a twin XL and an RV queen size topper available as well. So, regardless of the bed size, there are several varieties of mattress toppers to purchase from My Pillow.

How We Reviewed the My Pillow Mattress Topper

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When reviewing the My Pillow mattress topper, we considered several factors about the product. We looked at the size availability, material, cooling technologies, and durability. This information allows us to provide consumers with an in-depth review.

We also included several different mattress toppers available from competitors and examined how the My Pillow mattress topper stacks up. 

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The Best Pillow Toppers Available

In addition to the My Pillow mattress topper, several other companies manufacture mattress toppers. These are a few of the best alternatives to consider.

Sleep Innovations Four-Inch Mattress Topper

Sleep Innovations Dual Layer Enhanced Support Gel Memory Foam Mattress...
  • Dual Layer Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper: This luxurious 2 layer mattress topper features a 2 inch soft quilted pillow...
  • Bedtime Made Better: This gel foam mattress topper offers plush support for all sleep positions; The 2 inch pillow top...
  • Instantly Improve Any Mattress: Relieve pressure points, enjoy deeper sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed with our line...

This four-inch mattress topper is available in twin to California king sizes. The dual-layer technologies help minimize motion transfer and body heat. It also comes with a 10-year limited warranty. The four inches of padding make this a great product for back, side, and stomach sleepers.

The upper layer is a gel memory foam pad. It helps conform to the sleeper’s body. The cooling gel helps reduce body temperatures at night. The topper is machine washable. Owners can also place it in the dryer on a low setting after washing it.

eLuxury Supply Mattress Pad

eLuxurySupply Double Thick Rayon Bamboo Mattress Topper with Fitted...
  • SIZE & DESIGN - California King Mattress Topper | 72" x 84", This mattress pad is perfect to revitalize your sleep and...
  • EXTRA PLUSH BAMBOO RAYON COVER - At double the thickness of our classic bamboo cover, our rayon is derived from bamboo,...
  • REVOLOFT FIBER FILL - Each pad is filled with Revoloft, a state-of-the-art fiberfill that has the feel of authentic...

This mattress topper is available in twin to California king sizes. The company manufactures it in the U.S. and it’s hypoallergenic. It can fit mattresses that are up to 18 inches in depth. The fiberfill material consists of goose and duck feathers. A 160-thread count cotton exterior keeps feathers from seeping out through the sides of the topper.

The 100 percent hypoallergenic fiber is a design feature that allows anyone to use this mattress topper on their bed. The baffle box stitch construction also helps prevent the feathers from escaping through the sides. One reviewer states that the topper is very hot and was difficult/tight to fit onto the mattress. It might not be the best option for light sleepers who feel hot overnight.

ViscoSoft Four-Inch Memory Foam Topper

ViscoSoft 4 Inch Pillow Top Memory Foam Mattress Topper Queen - Made...
  • Transform Your Sleep - The Serene 4” High Density topper is made from a 2.5 inch of temperature neutral gel memory...
  • Relieve Pain & Soreness - Utilizing thousands of testing hours and reviews the topper’s designed to balance of...
  • Focus on Quality & Durability - Changes to our innovative foam formula have enhanced its strength and stability....

The down alternative pillow topper is four inches thick, providing sufficient padding for the lightest sleepers. It’s CertiPur-US certified with a dual-layer gel finish. The topper features 2.5 inches of gel and 1.5 inches of down fill material for an even balance.

The cooling gel technologies also help reduce body temperatures, so people don’t feel too warm when sleeping on the topper. The 300-thread count exterior is soft and it’s hypoallergenic. The product is also machine washable.

Tempur-Pedic Mattress Topper

Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR Supreme Topper, Twin XL
  • MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS TOPPER—Designed with the same pressure-relieving TEMPUR material found in our mattresses,...
  • ADAPTS TO YOUR BODY—TEMPUR material responds to your body’s temperature, weight, and shape for precise,...
  • WASHABLE COVER—Say goodbye to dirt, dust with a breathable, machine-washable cover.

This mattress topper comes with a 25-year warranty and the well-known Tempur-Pedic name. It features three-inch thick padding that naturally wraps to the owner’s body. It conforms perfectly to side, back, and stomach sleepers also.

The cooling gel technologies help create a comfortable place to lay while keeping body temperatures low at night. The breathable material also helps prevent dust mites and allergens from building up in the mattress topper.

LUCID Three-Inch Mattress Topper

LUCID 3-inch Ventilated Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper - King
  • Three inches of ventilated gel memory foam adds softness and comfort to your mattress
  • Special memory foam formula is extremely soft, airy and responsive
  • Ventilated design improves airflow for a more comfortable and cool sleep climate

This mattress topper features a three-inch, ventilated memory gel exterior. This design helps to reduce body temperatures naturally and conform to the owner’s body overnight. It adds softness and pressure relieving comfort when owners place it on top of their mattress.

The unique memory foam gel is soft, airy, and adaptive to each person’s body. It features a gel material that helps capture body heat as well. This feature helps minimize heat levels overnight, so people feel more comfortable when sleeping on the topper. It also includes a three-year warranty on this product.

Milliard Two-Inch Mattress Topper

No products found.

This mattress topper comes with a removable, washable bamboo cover. It is available in twin to queen sizes and is two inches thick. The gel memory foam helps with cooling overnight, so owners don’t feel extremely hot on the topper. The 100 percent gel naturally contours to the body as well. So, this item adapts to personal sleep needs to increase comfort levels naturally.

It helps with pain relief. People with arthritis, chronic pain, or back and joint pain will instantly feel relief throughout their body. The bamboo cover is also allergen free. It’s removable and owners can wash it in the laundry. This cover helps preserve the life of the mattress topper by keeping it clean over time.

RUUF Mattress Topper

RUUF Mattress Topper Queen, 3-Inch High-Density Ventilated Mattress...
  • 【High-density Unique Foam】 - Unlike other mattress toppers, our luxury 3-POUND mattress pad is more durable than...
  • 【Stay in a Natural Position】 - To solve "Feeling Trapped" issue, our high-density topper uses a special foam that is...
  • 【Choose What Fits You】 - In order to let everyone get a suitable topper from RUUF, we provide foam topper with and...

This mattress topper is available in twin to California king sizes. It’s two inches thick and features a memory foam gel technology. It’s perfect for pressure-relieving comfort and adds softness to a firm mattress. Individuals who suffer from back pain or tension, or those wanting to minimize muscle pain, will love this product.

It is highly breathable with millions of open cells acting as air chambers. The topper evenly distributes heat as well, so owners don’t feel overly hot when sleeping on it at night. The memory foam distributes evenly and conforms to the body. It features pressure relieving technologies to help improve sleep patterns for owners over time. This product also includes a five-year warranty when customers order it online.

My Pillow Mattress Topper vs. Competitors

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When buying a mattress topper, there are plenty of great options available. In addition to the My Pillow mattress topper, consumers can find several affordable options to select. These products can help improve comfort levels and overall quality of sleep.

For those who are on a budget, the best mattress topper is the My Pillow mattress topper. In addition to the affordable price, the manufacturer often offers promos. So, consumers can find even more significant discounts. The three-layer design helps improve sleep patterns. It also helps with reducing body heat and minimizing motion transfer. It comes with a removable cover you can wash. The topper is also allergen-free, so it is safe for anyone to sleep on at night. It is portable so that owners can place it on different mattresses. The product is also three inches thick, providing the ideal levels of padding on flatter beds. There are four corner straps on the topper as well to help keep it in place overnight.

If you’re looking for the best overall mattress topper, the best option is the Tempur-Pedic topper. With the same technologies as Tempur-Pedic mattresses, this topper provides pressure relief to aching bodies. It comes with a 25-year warranty. The topper naturally adapts to the sleeper’s body. It conforms to different sleep styles and body weights. It is resistant to dust mites and allergens.

No matter what your budget is or what materials you prefer, there are many great mattress toppers to consider. These are some of the best, in addition to the My Pillow mattress topper.

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