There is nothing more frustrating than getting out of bed still tired after a sleepless night of tossing and turning. And there is nothing quite as satisfying as waking up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day after a great night of sleep. The desire to provide that level of sleep satisfaction is at the heart of the company that makes Casper mattresses.

Casper’s goal is to make mattresses that people love. With over 30,000 reviews on Google Trust Store and 12,000 mattress reviews, this company is clearly succeeding. So we wanted to take a look at what has people jumping up and down, not on, but over their Casper mattresses.

A Short Bedtime Story

Casper mattresses went live with its website in April of 2014, with 40 mattresses in their initial inventory. To the surprise of its founders, all 40 mattresses sold out in that first day, and Casper hasn’t been able to rest due to its growing popularity since that first click. So, what’s so special about them?

What Are Casper Mattresses?

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Casper mattresses (there are now three models) are foam-based mattresses designed and manufactured in the US. Their construction provides good support and pressure relief for most sleepers, plus better-than-average motion isolation – all at a reasonable price.


Free of harmful, ozone-depleting chemicals and emissions, Casper mattresses are safe for the environment; a big focus of Casper developers when designing their products. They are also hypoallergenic and will not irritate those with sensitivities to dust and other particles, and should not have an odor other than the slight off-gassing smell that happens when first opened.

Casper Company Coolness

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Casper mattresses are definitely designed to keep the body cool, but this company is also cool in other ways. Their “Bed in a Box” shipping method revolutionized the mattress buying experience when it began delivering mattresses in a box no larger than a mini fridge. They deliver them free and give you 100 nights to return them free. They are cool enough to know you can’t possibly get them back in the box, so they have a machine that reboxes them for you. They also offer delivery and setup for a fee.


Casper’s support and customer service team of sleep experts are available at 1(888) 498-0003. They also have live chat support on their website. You can also check out their most frequently asked questions and answers here.

Company Culture

Casper donates its sleep products to people and dogs in need of a place to sleep. It works with partners like The International Rescue Committee and A Sense of Home, among others. Returned mattresses are cleaned and donated to local charities and religious organizations, as well as up-cycled and used in their pop-up events. At some Casper store locations, they collect used linens and pillows for recycling and the company donates its time to organizations like Women In Need and Start Small Think Big. It really is a company that never rests when it comes to helping the world around them.

Expanded Product LIne

The company’s love of sleep has led Casper mattresses to make many other products that complement their lead product. Today, they produce pillows, bed linens, bed frames, duvets, doggy beds, end tables, and their super special Casper Glow Light that gradually dims to help you get to sleep, and wakes you with its gentle morning light rather than having a song blasting into your dreams. All these facts about Casper mattresses makes it a pretty cool company you won’t ever find lying down on the job!

Product Specs

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All Casper mattresses are available in three models and six sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California King.

The Casper Original Mattress

The Casper, also known as “The One That Started It All”, is named for the founders’ college roommate and it is still the company’s most popular mattress. The Casper, at 12” in height, is their mid-level model, well-suited for all types of sleepers. Stacked with 4 levels of breathable open cell foam, the Casper is designed with Zoned Support™ constructed under the shoulders and hips for added pressure where it’s needed most.

The Casper Original Mattress – Hybrid 

The Casper is available in their original all-foam, or new Casper hybrid foam + springs model that includes a base of gentle springs for added resilience and durability. The hybrid gives the mattress a bit of a lift, enhances responsiveness, and enables more air flow to circulate away body heat.

The Essential

With a touch of softness and bounce in the top layer, Casper created this 11” even-more-affordable version of their original Casper model. There’s a memory-foam layer that cradles curves atop a durable base layer of support.

The Essential features a removable, washable cover. The zip-off cover is upholstery grade so it will stand up to years of use, and it is charcoal gray to hide any spots or stains.

The Newest Wave

Casper isn’t one to rest on its laurels, but is a company that prides itself in providing the best rest possible for its customers. It is for this reason that they have come out with a 13” mattress that boasts 5 levels of premium foam with a velvety soft top layer.

In this most advanced Casper creation, The Wave combines foam with gel pods to give targeted support for optimum spinal alignment. Staying cool is also a top priority, so Casper has added a special heat-wicking material to reduce body heat.

The foam + springs option available in the Casper model is also offered in The Wave, with hundreds of modern coils giving it added lift, durability and air flow. This option raises the mattress, enhances responsiveness, and provides cool comfort for the most unencumbered sleep experience.


As we noted, one thing that makes Casper mattresses so successful, aside from the fact they make excellent products, is their price point. In the world of mattresses where one can spend $150,000 (yes, and it’s made of horse hair), investing around $1400 for a solid, guaranteed king-size mattress sounds like a good deal; and it is.

How It Compares

When reviewing Casper Mattresses, we picked a few similar products available on the market to see how they compare. We compared the following in pricing, comfort, materials, design quality, and warranty. Prices range from around $400 for the cheapest twins to around $2300 for the most expensive kings.

  • Nectar
  • Amerisleep
  • Leesa

Casper Mattresses

Casper Sleep Foam Mattress, Queen, 2018 Edition
  • 4-layers of premium foam construction for support, breathability, and bounce
  • Breathable open-cell foams have tiny pores to let hot air escape, keeping you cool at night
  • Combination of softer foam for shoulder region and supportive firm foam for core and hip area


With so many customer reviews, one of the top plusses of this mattress is in its comfort rating. The built in support for back and hips holds the spine in place, providing comfort for those with chronic discomfort. It is also known for its isolated movement, so one sleeper doesn’t get bounced by another’s tossing and turning.


Casper mattresses are constructed with their original foam and now they offer a hybrid of foam + springs that includes a base of gentle springs for added resilience and durability. We like that all their materials are harmless to humans, are environmentally conscious, and made in America.

Design Qualit​​​​​​​​​​​​​y

The designers of Casper mattresses invest a lot of time in the construction of their mattresses, doing the research and development to build beds that provide comfort and stability. All the designs are simple with clean lines and protective, washable covers.


Casper mattresses carry a 10 year limited warranty (the “Mattress Warranty”). This limited mattress warranty gives specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.


  • Breathable for heat resistance
  • Good balance of soft and firm
  • 100 night sleep trial


  • May not be firn enough for some
  • Experience of corners turning up
  • Newer mattress company

Nectar Mattress

Nectar Queen Mattress + 2 Pillows Included - Gel Memory Foam Mattress...
  • #1 FASTEST GROWING BRAND IN THE U.S. - Recognized as the fastest growing e-commerce retailer by Internet Retailer,...
  • TWO FREE PREMIUM PILLOWS INCLUDED - And with every mattress purchase, you also receive two free Nectar Premium Pillows....
  • INDUSTRY LEADING 180 NIGHT TRIAL- You can try Nectar risk-free for 180 night and return it if you are not 100% happy...

The Nectar mattress launch followed soon after the original Casper mattress company became popular. It is an online company that will have a small store presence starting 2019. They are also a California company with only one mattress model to date, but they do offer linens as well. They have free delivery, and their mattress comes compressed in a bag instead of a box. For full service delivery and setup, there is a non-refundable fee.


For medium mattress sleepers, this mattress is comfortable, but it is better for single sleepers than for partners in terms of mattress movement and heat. They beat any mattress company for home trial periods, as they offer a one-year period for owners to try out or return their new mattress


Nectar mattresses are topped with a quilted gel memory foam and a cooling cover. The second layer is made of gel memory foam, with a third layer of adaptive high core memory foam sitting on top of a dense and breathable base layer. There is a bottom mattress with cover. Mattresses are made of Nectar’s flexible foam that is CertiPUR-US® Certified, meaning it passes the CertiPUR-US® standards for being free from ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP, mercury, or lead.

Design Qualit​​​​​​​​​​​​​y

The four layers are designed for ultimate breathability to keep the sleeper cool, with a topper that has wicking for further dispersing of the body’s heat. It is so new a company, though, so it is hard to see how this mattress will holds up in the long run.


Nectar’s offers a unique Forever Warranty.


  • Free shipping and returns
  • 365 home trial period
  • High-quality materials


  • Extremely new company
  • Only one medium-firm model
  • Unknown longevity

Amerisleep Mattress

No products found.

The Amerisleep mattress is made to create a soft but responsive sleep experience that relieves pressure points and make the sleeper feel as if they are floating. Their mattresses come in five models, A1 thru A5, based on firmness.


Amerisleep mattresses are plush, which feels somewhere between firm and a pillow-top. Not generally good for stomach sleepers, who might feel they sink in to the mattress too far, the Amerisleep works best for couples and those who move around and change positions often when they sleep.


Amerisleep mattresses are made of proprietary Bio-Pur® and HIVE® layers. Their high-performance Celliant® covers are made from a fabric determined by the FDA to promote better sleep by keeping your temperature regulated and circulation elevated. Amerisleep produces their foams using a process called VPF, or Variable Pressure Foaming that creates virtually zero emissions. Amerisleep gives a 100 day home sleep trial.

Design Qualit​​​​​​​​​​​​​y

The blue and white design of these mattresses is clean and compact in appearance, covering a well thought-out system of zones within its 3 layers. The first layer of every Amerisleep mattress is designed to mold to the body and relieve pressure as traditional memory foam would, but without holding in the heat.

The second layer is a zoned support system that provides spinal support with softening around shoulders and hips. Zones are structured to feel firmer around the neck, torso and feet, also helping to maintain the spine’s natural alignment. Finally, the base layer gives the bed its shape and support. Mattresses range in thickness per model.


Amerisleep mattresses are protected for damage for 20 years.


  • Restorative design
  • Eco friendly foam
  • 20 year warranty


  • Must keep 30 days before returning
  • May need extra topper
  • Not for larger people

Leesa Mattress

Leesa Original Foam 10" Mattress, Queen Size, Cooling Foam and Memory...
  • Set Up: Simply take your mattress out of the box and enjoy watching it decompress. Jumping, walking, and sleeping on...

Founded in 2015, Leesa Mattress entered the direct-to-door bed business with 100% U.S. manufacturing and a commitment to using only the best materials and manufacturing practices. They offer two models, one strictly foam and a hybrid version with coils at the core. Along with mattresses, the Leesa catalog of products includes foundations and bed frames, pillows, and mattress protectors.

Shipping is free, as are returns, although you must keep a Leesa mattress for at least 30 days before returning it. Leesa’s 100 night trial means you can try it out for as long as 100 nights before sending it back. They have a 7-day customer service contact to answer questions regarding a purchase or mattress issue.

We love that for every ten mattresses they sell, Leesa Mattress donates a mattress to a charity organization. They’ve donated over 30,000 already, so that’s a lot of sales and definitely the top comment on our list of pros. They also pop $75 into a PayPal account for every referral, so you know this is a people-conscious company.


Although Leesa makes two models, experiences are mixed on the comfort level of the foam mattress as it has been reported to sag in the middle and hang onto their odor long after off-gassing, neither of which is comfortable—for the spine or the nose.


Leesa manufactures their mattresses using LSA-200™ BreathableFoam, a substance they add in a cell-like structure for added air flow and reduced heat. Though we aren’t sure of the exact contents of their mattress foam and springs, we do know they are CertiPUR-US®-Certified, made without ozone depleters or flame retardants and without the bad stuff like lead, mercury, other heavy metals, formaldehyde, or other substances regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Design Qualit​​​​​​​​​​​​​y

Hug, bounce, and pressure relief top the design focus of the Leesa mattress. Along with the multi-layer foam mattress, Leesa sells a Hybrid Leesa that combines its special foam with spring technology for advanced pressure relief, air flow and support. Its key selling points are its high-density perimeter coils that build up the edge of the mattress, and the more than 1,000 individually wrapped pocket springs that produce greater air flow.

Although standard size mattresses should fit on any frame, Leesa offers four bases of its own to choose from. They make a solid slatted platform, a sturdy slatted flat foundation, a simple bedframe, and an adjustable base that can have you sitting up or lounging at your preferred angle while reading or binging your latest show,


Leesa Mattresses come with a 10-year warranty.


  • Donations of mattresses to charities
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Foam and hybrid models


  • Sagging center
  • Chemical odor after off-gassing


After sleeping on it — not for 360 nights, but a few — we tallied up the scores and find Casper performs well in comparison with other mattresses. Not only is Casper the frontrunner in experience with memory foam mattresses, they continue to expand their product line with complementary items that enhance the entire sleep experience.


The more we researched, the more it seemed the other companies are following in the Casper dream, because it was such a good one. With that said, we are jumping into bed with the original model and giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars. You should too.

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