The quality of our sleep is just as important as how much sleep we get each night.

Even if we sleep for 8 hours, if we only experience light sleep instead of REM sleep and slow wave sleep, then we will likely wake up feeling groggy and tired.


Simple Ways to Boost Your Sleep Quality

In this article, we offer 6 ways to improve your quality of sleep, focusing on easy lifestyle changes that are also beneficial on their own terms.

All of these are relatively easy and very holistic ways to improve your sleep and your life!


Minimize and Simplify Your Life

Minimize and Simplify Your Life

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One function of our sleep is to solve problems that we could not solve throughout the day.

Sometimes we just simply have too little time or too many problems. Other times, the level of solution that is needed is beyond our waking consciousness.

If we focus on simplifying and minimizing our life, we usually have less mundane problems that need to be dealt with during sleep. This means our sleep can focus on deeper problem solving as well as restoration, cleansing, and consolidation, which take place during REM sleep and slow wave sleep.


Exercise to Regulate Melatonin

Exercise to Regulate Melatonin

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On a simple level, if we physically exhaust ourselves during the day, our bodies will require sleep in order to recover.

On a more complex level, exercise regulates melatonin production, which is a hormone that governs our circadian rhythm. Thus, the more we exercise, the better able our body is at responding to darkness.

This translates to aligning our sleep cycles with the 24-hour day, which makes our sleep schedule more natural.


Avoid Heavy Meals – Especially Before Bed

Avoid Heavy Meals

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Digestion is a taxing process that steals much energy from the body. This is why we usually only eat during the day, as it’s the only time when we have enough energy to digest efficiently.

At night, there is less energy available for digestion, and all of the available energy must be harnessed during sleep to engage in deep cleansing and restoration.

By eating heavy meals at any point in the day, we might continue digesting the food during the night. This is especially true for eating heavy meals late at night, which is a big no-no.

Try focusing on high-fiber meals that are low in fat and feature many different kinds of fruits and vegetables. This will certainly maximize your sleep quality.


Find Romance

Find Romance

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Having a romantic partner improves your mood, which can lead to a good night’s sleep. This is because you are less likely to be stressed and anxious, which interferes with melatonin production.


Get Creative During the Day

journaling or doodling

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Similar to physical exhaustion, mental exhaustion can necessitate a deeper, higher quality sleep.

If you are wondering how to sleep better, try getting creative. This can be as simple as nightly journaling or doodling, and as extensive as quitting your job and renting a studio to paint.

Regardless, the key is to release and express. Sleep functions as a reflection of our day. Whatever we do during the day will only be deepened and enhanced when we sleep, as our obsessions, desires, and fears are spotlighted.

The deeper and more creative you are during the day, the deeper and more creative your sleep will be. If you only hover on the surface of life, then your sleep will be similarly superficial and inefficient. It’s that simple.


Sleep Nude if You Can

Sleep Nude if You Can

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A common cause of disturbed sleep is improper temperature regulation. The body requires a precise temperature throughout the night in order to optimize its restoration, and any divergence from this could either degrade our sleep quality or cause us to awaken frequently.

By sleeping nude, you minimize one potential cause of improper temperature regulation, namely confining or warming clothes, especially worn around the genitals.

This is even more critical during the winter, when you are likely to wear more clothes to bed to compensate for the colder weather.

One way to combat this is to raise the temperature in your house at night. It might increase your energy bill, but you will appreciate the investment when you feel more energized and restored throughout the day.


Our Final Thoughts on Sleep Quality

Sleeping well is critical for all areas of health – and all areas of health are critical for sleeping well.

Truly, the body is not composed of separate components that interact with each, except in our concepts. Instead, the body is a single, interconnected entity, and any imbalance manifests on a number of different levels.

If you want to improve your sleep quality, you should focus on the quality of your romantic life, your creativity, and your exercise regimen. And of course, sleeping nude couldn’t hurt either.

If you want to improve any of these things, you should also focus on sleeping well. It’s a circular process that feeds itself, just like the cycles of day and night.

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